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failed to find them. ? ? WASHINGTON, Aug. 24 (Xinhua) -- The White House on Sunday confirmed the release of an American journalist held captive in Syria for the past two years. Natio

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oon on Sept. 23, he said. "We had informal meetings at expert level," he said, adding that "this will be the first formal meeting" since the Palestinian bid was presented. At the u

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a raid on a Gaza- bound aid ship, killing 8 Turks and one U.S. citizen of Turkish origin on board. The Israeli Navy held an exercise last week, incorporating several special force

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ails of that." With an Aug. 2 deadline looming, Obama showed more gestures of compromise. He once insisted on raising the 14.29-trillion U.S. debt limit by enough to avoid another

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c on Wednesday. After the June 28 coup, then Congress Speaker Roberto Micheletti served as the de facto leader of the country. Honduras held general elections on Nov. 29 last year

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berian who flew to Texas to visit his relatives. RIO DE JANEIRO, March 4 (Xinhua) -- Brazil will invest 30 billion reals (15.1 billion U.S. dollars) in expanding the water supply

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ng the plutonium from ever being reused for weapons or any other military purpose," said the statement. The signing marks a positive step for the nuclear security summit. Leaders